Sunday, December 27, 2015

God neutral 12 Steps the "We revision"

God neutral, The 12 Steps "We revision"

  1. Drinking and drugs were bad for us.
  2. We could not do it alone - something about fellowship with other drunks and drug addicts helped us stay sober.
  3. Having all the answers was not a help--we had to learn to listen and follow directions.
  4. We had to stop blaming, rationalizing, excusing, and we had to take responsibility, as well as take a good look at ourselves.
  5. Our version of events was skewed, we needed to run it by someone a bit more objective.
  6. All of our lives we had been doing things that hurt us, sabotaged our best efforts, our self esteem was warped, twisted, and improperly inflated.
  7. We had to look at these things, stop doing them, and work on our selves.
  8. We had shame over how we hurt others - we had to address this in order to move on--we did this by owning our part in things.
  9. We had to make things right, mostly by living soberly, and by owning our responsibility to people we had hurt (appropriately, discretely, and not to those still raging and drinking).
  10. We had to learn to use the emergency brake, that means when we started to lie or get angry, we had to learn how to slow down - shutting our mouth was usually a good start.
  11. We came to understand that in the universe we are just specks and that life goes a whole lot better if we learn to act accordingly and when we forget this basic truth, we need to reflect about it until we remember.
  12. Whew! When we do these things we are better people, we are happier, we can actually like the person we have become - sometimes people come to us for help and sometimes we have things to say that help them.
Revised by CC Property of the universe.

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