Sunday, December 20, 2015

Practicing Buddhism in Sobriety

Below is a link to one of my online folders that contains articles and ebooks on Buddhism that I have found really useful in sobriety.  If you like podcasts, my most favorite teachers are Tara Brach, Gil Fronsdale, Jack Kornfield, and Noah Levine (Against the Stream website).  Happy to talk/email/text about any of this stuff anytime!

Christian B.


  1. Thanks Christian. - I spent a lot of time reading a bunch of Deepak Chopra books. I really enjoyed his 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. I have that as an audio book, ebook, and a real "book book". - Another book that I listened to was the Naked Buddha. I don't recall the lady's name that wrote it, but it was a great read (listen?) also. As she seemed to par down the different versions of Buddhism, to just the simple teachings of the Buddha. Keeping it simple.


  2. And yes, I want to check out some of your content.


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