Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book Android and iPhone App

If you're frugal or just plain broke, There's a neat little App that I just discovered that might prove quite useful for the freshly sober, or those that would like to keep the information handy. It could be a life saver for anyone with a smart phone. They have a Free Version and a Paid for version. So you can take your pick of what you want. Or at least that's what I found on Google Play. I haven't a clue how it works in the Apple App Store.

It's like someone was listening when someone else said.

Keep It Simple Stupid.....

And then, for those that aren't into the whole schmancy fancy Techno Geekey Smart Phone thing. There is: That site has a HTML online version of the Big Book that you can find right HERE.   I'm sure there are still even more resources online for the Big Book, but these are a couple that I figured you might find handy.

Enjoy, And have fun. For we are not meant to be a Glum Lot.


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